Resolve Sticky Bag


Sunnyday can help you eliminate your sticky bag problem

It’s the powdered sugar donut problem. Your pouches are 99.9% perfect. You ship them off to your customer, the baker, and their filling machines pop a dozen fresh and delicious powdered donuts into the bag you’ve made for them. About once every thousand bags, though, your bag sticks, and those donuts are ejected everywhere but inside the bag. At the end of your customer’s filling run there’s powdered sugar and broken donuts on the floor, on the filling machine, and worst of all–on hundreds of packages of donuts that would have been perfect, if they weren’t all sticky on the outside. The automated filling process just became a manual labor nightmare for your customer.

They have questions, naturally: Who’s going to clean that up? Who’s going to pay for it? Who’s going to inspect the thousands of donut packages to see which ones are clean enough to sell? – and – Where can we find a more reliable bag maker?

Sunnyday can help you eliminate your sticky bag problem

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