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Client: A new but rapidly growing, family-run, manufacturer of high-nutrient energy snacks and bars. Over four years, sales increased to the point where the company had to invest in their first commercial packaging equipment. One of the key selling features of the product is the re-sealable bag, an added complication to the packaging process.

Problem: With orders pouring in, and needing to make loan payments on their new equipment, the client found that retailers were returning cases of product because of failed packaging. The side and bottom adhesives were failing in transit, and product was arriving with empty bags and loose food in the cases.

Solution: Sunnyday re-organized the clients’ manufacturing facility to optimize throughput, changed the adhesive formula, and taught the client how to correctly set up their machine. Product now arrives securely, and production is up 200%.

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Our company founder, FELIX PAO, has over 45 years experience in solving complex problems regarding process design, equipment design, and consulting, to make your company more efficient and profitable.

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